A Dinner Date with Santa | Cherishing the Memories of the Season

Braxton has never known a stranger.  He adapts quickly to most situations and his curiosity (and memory) at this age, makes me realize how quickly he is growing up!  My good friend invited us to a “Pancake Dinner with Santa” tonight and we had been talking this up for weeks.  Braxton was ready to see “Ho-Ho”!  (And, did I mention that last Spring we had to pull him from the Easter Bunny’s lap because he didn’t want his turn to be over?)  

I knew he would be excited to see “Ho-Ho,” as he’s starting to learn what will happen on Christmas morning (and making comments on how far away that day actually is).  When Santa walked into the dinner, he lit up!  And my heart melted.

At first, he was a little unsure of sitting on Santa’s lap, but daddy reassured him that he had to, in order to ask for his Christmas gifts.  The deal was sealed.

After he was good and comfortable, and Santa agreed to grant his gift requests, he sang Jingle Bells like there was no one else in the room.  His confidence is subtle, yet inspiring.

In the midst of the holiday season, with a million things to do, Braxton reminded me to stop and appreciate everything going on right now.  Soon, the tree will come down, the new toys will likely be lost or forgotten, but these memories are much more important.  Each Christmas after this will be different, and at the (kind-of) innocent age of two, this holiday season will be entertaining for us as well!

And, on another note – we are all so fortunate that taking a picture or video is so simple to do now.  With that being said, make sure to back up your phone, memory card, etc., during the holidays!  Here is a link to Dropbox, where you can sign up for a free online account to backup your life!  (I like Dropbox because if my computer/ hard drive decide to blow up or walk away, I can still access my stuff from another device.)  

Can’t wait to see all of your Christmas pictures!  Merry Christmas!!!

  1. Stephanie Schroepfer says:

    These pictures are priceless!

  2. Deanne Fiedler says:

    Love your words and your photos! All so true! ❤️❤️❤️

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