The Complete Book of Home Organization | My Winter Motivation

January 8, 2016

Move over, my organizational “pins” that I will never see through!  I am so excited about my new book that arrived today from Amazon, The Complete Book of Home Organization! 

Written by Toni Hammersley, an organizational mentor, wife, mother of three, she is the creator of the website, A Bowl Full of Lemons.  In the intro, Hammersley explains that “balance, not perfection, is the key to a happy home,” after she admits that chaos and household chores are normal, even in her beautiful, blog-worthy household!   

What I already love about this book is how it’s organized (see what I did there).  It’s broken up by rooms, then into specific areas in that room.  (It’s like someone’s holding your hand while you do this, and that’s exactly what I need!)

I can’t wait to put these ideas into effect!  Stay tuned for some before/afters!




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