Five Reasons to Schedule a Winter Photo Session

December 28, 2015

A winter session allows some of the best scenarios for a unique photo session!  Here are reasons to consider a cold weather photo shoot!

1. The look.  Scarves, gloves, coats, sweaters, and hats are all perfect accessories to change up your look without really trying!  No need to keep changing clothes.  Adding and subtracting accessories makes your outfit planning a little easier!

2. Winter light is so flattering!  If you’ve ever taken one of my photo classes, you know that light is the most important factor in photography!  In the winter, light is soft and subtle and looks good on everyone!  If there’s snow, it acts as a natural light reflector to add additional sparkle to your eyes and a pop of color to a clean-looking scene! 

 3. Creative Backgrounds.  Another alternative to winter photos, is to find a consistent background.  Something like a building or barn is another way to utilize the soft light of the season without barren trees in the background!

4. A Break to Warm Up.  Choose a location that allows you to warm up and head back outside!  Try taking a couple photos indoors at a location that suits you well!

5. A Reason to Smile, Snuggle & Get Out of the House!  Lastly, taking photos that make you look and feel good will help beat those winter blues!  It also gives you a reason to cuddle up or use a cute blanket as a prop and beat cabin fever!

Life tends to slow down after the holidays, so schedule your winter session!

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