Why a Toddler and His Bulldogs make for a Picture-Perfect Family Session | St. Louis & Washington, MO Family Photographer

April 27, 2016

Brace yourself for the cuteness you’re about to view!  

I was so excited to edit these pictures because I knew as soon as they showed up to the session, this would be awesome!  I’m a dog-lover…..especially dogs that are a bit round and wrinkly and have a smashed face.  (We have a pug.  Same concept, you know?)  

Luke just turned two, and although this can be a hard age to document, letting him explore and play with his dogs was perfect.  When Luke thought he had taken enough pictures (toddlers always let you know when they are done), we were able to get a couple photos of his parents! It’s always nice to update a picture with your spouse, because we all know that after children, that’s one of the last things you think about!  All of these candid shots were so much fun to capture!

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