A “Real-Life Family-Toddler Session” | Washington & St. Louis, MO Photographer

May 14, 2016

Let’s face it – toddlers aren’t easy and everyone knows it.  There’s a fine line between the “joy of parenting” and the “I’m about to lose it” emotions. Picture day usually factors into the darker side of these emotions.  However, with these two (very patient) parents and a few favorite toy trucks, it was so simple to catch two-year-old-Baylor’s fun personality!  

I love these pictures because although it’s a challenging age, it’s such a memorable age.  Sure, we all want a nice portrait of our toddler, but someday as you’re looking back, the stories that pictures tell, are the ones that kids/adults love to hear, and the ones that make mom and dad realize how fast he grew up!

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