Kelsey + Nathan | Sunshine and Rain | Washington, MO Wedding Photographer

May 5, 2016

(Mother Nature, if you’re reading this, please don’t turn this into a jinx.)

The morning of Kelsey and Nathan’s wedding day, I woke up to dark skies and rain – oh, and my husband reminding me that he’s been telling people that I “have never had rain on a wedding day.”  There – it’s out in the open and I swore I would never declare this online!  Kelsey and Nathan’s big day was Photogenics’ 125th wedding that Janelle and I had shot together, and we haven’t had a steady rainfall during “picture time” on any wedding day. (We have had a couple of sprinkles here and there, but nothing that would jeopardize outdoor wedding photos (our favorite part of the day)!  And, don’t think I’m not counting my blessings each and every Saturday!

So, fast forward to around 11 a.m. on Saturday: I may have said a few choice words because rain chances were pretty high and my hair was a good indicator of humidity levels.  

Somehow, during Kelsey and Nathan’s wedding ceremony, the sky opened up, the sun came out, and I did a weird, yet thankful, dance move while staring at Janelle in the back of the church.   Even Father Theby’s homily was about the beauty of a thunderstorm, and how amazing it is to consider the amount of raindrops that fall. He’s right – and it made me think that “wedding rain” wouldn’t be so bad.  Weddings take place in Seattle, I think,  so we should be able to handle it in Washington, MO!  Ironically, after the wedding party finished all outdoor photos, a thunderstorm quickly rolled through.

We would first like to thank Mother Nature, because you are always a wonderful provider of beautiful color and even lighting, but also a huge thanks (in seriousness) this amazing couple. Not only were we able to get some beautiful images, but the whole day was light-hearted, fun, and absolutely full of love!  Watching the two of you smile at one another when you both thought no one was looking was a sure sign of your happiness.  Nothing could ruin that; no matter if the day brought thunderstorms.  I hope that’s a metaphor for the rest of your life together – keep smiling and no matter if it storms, you will still have beautiful memories to look back on!

Dana + Janelle

After the storm, Janelle took a picture of the sky from the Knights of Columbus parking lot!  Beautiful!  And, it made for a wet leaf to take ring shots on.  (Totally Janelle’s idea!)

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