Funny Photos | Bloopers, Outtakes from 2017

I’m finally getting around to posting funny photos that may not have “made the cut” from our 2017 sessions!  They will; however, give you a good laugh!  Enjoy!

Sticking your tongue out is cool, no matter your age…..or species!

 bloopers_outtakes_funny_pictures_photogenics_on_location_bloopers 1

Sometimes you just want your own photo shoot, I get it!

 bloopers_outtakes_funny_pictures_photogenics_on_location_bloopers 2

And, there always has to be one sibling in charge, you know, to make sure the other is focused and well-posed!

 bloopers_outtakes_funny_pictures_photogenics_on_location_bloopers 3

And, sometimes, the excitement just gets to you!

 bloopers_outtakes_funny_pictures_photogenics_on_location_bloopers 4

If their eyes are covered, this photo shoot really isn’t happening!

 bloopers_outtakes_funny_pictures_photogenics_on_location_bloopers 5

These facial expressions…..the reason I love my job!

 bloopers_outtakes_funny_pictures_photogenics_on_location_bloopers 6

 bloopers_outtakes_funny_pictures_photogenics_on_location_bloopers 7

You have to have fun at your session, right?

 bloopers_outtakes_funny_pictures_photogenics_on_location_bloopers 8

Or, not….

 bloopers_outtakes_funny_pictures_photogenics_on_location_bloopers 9

Ok, maybe not that much fun, you two!

 bloopers_outtakes_funny_pictures_photogenics_on_location_bloopers 10

First picture = no candy bribes.  Second picture = you guessed it!  Angels :).

 bloopers_outtakes_funny_pictures_photogenics_on_location_bloopers 11

Even we have our own bloopers….and some we just won’t share!

 bloopers_outtakes_funny_pictures_photogenics_on_location_bloopers 11

Peace out 2017!

 bloopers_outtakes_funny_pictures_photogenics_on_location_bloopers 13

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