Snowy Engagement Session for Whitney & Jared | Washington & St. Louis, MO Wedding Photographer

Snow, a beautiful couple and a big gray dog!

A snowy engagement session is always a good idea but it can be hard to schedule.  It depends on the amount of snow and if you can prepare for a last-minute shoot!  I received a text from Whitney after our “big” snow last week, asking me if I could be available for her and Jared’s engagement pictures soon…so we did them the next day!  I can always make accommodations if snow is in the picture, and it’s worth quick planning to have a wintry scene like this!snowy engagement session

Their Weimaraner, Maverick, joins in on this snowy engagement session!  Everyone who knows Whitney knows how much she loves Mav so he has to make an appearance on such a special day.  She’s an obsessed dog momma and luckily, Jared is extremely fond of him too!   🙂   He appears again at the end of this post!

snowy engagement session couple posing with a Weimaraner snowy engagement session couple posing by a tree line holding hands

These sessions are always best when you can snuggle up and stay close for posing purposes but with the deep snow, it made them even closer.  What a perfect way to keep warm!snowy engagement session couple posing by a lake on piggy back ring in snow heart

Winter accessories like mittens, hats, vests, and boots make the session so cute and cozy!  Plus, it adds a bit of variety to the images without a complete clothing change.

snowy engagement session couple posing by a tree line snuggling

You can’t have a snowy engagement session without a snowball fight, and Maverick gets in on the action as well! These two have so much fun, which certainly excites me for their October wedding at Our Lady of Lourdes Church!  I have a feeling Maverick will be included somehow on the big day too.  And no one will be surprised!

snowy engagement session couple in a snow ball fight with a Weimaraner



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  2. Rita Waller says:

    These are so beautiful that I cried. So looking forward to the wedding of my granddaughter #3.

  3. Linda K Schneider says:

    Amazing what love can produce. Wishes do come true.

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