Summer Cake Smashin’ Birthday Themes to Sweeten the Season | St. Louis & Washington, MO Photographer

These summer cake smashin’ ideas are fun, colorful and make the sweetest backdrop for any one-year-old! Fruit themes like Lemonade and Watermelon (also known as “One in a Melon”) are great choices for a brighter set design, especially for girls!

Ice cream is another great option and can be a boy or girl’s first birthday theme! I specifically love the cake for the Ice Cream set, which looks like a melting cone. So cute!

Fruit and ice cream summer cake smashin' themes.

Don’t worry – girls aren’t the only ones who get the summer cake smashin’ themes! Baseball is always a great option for any family who is into the game. Plus most of the season falls during the summer! Fishing is another one that works year-round, but the water backdrop works great for summer! This is another option for some fun color and bobber lights!

The two jungle themes at the bottom work well for the season, since in Missouri, most of summer feels like a jungle! This theme can stay neutral or wood tones work well with the greenery!

Baseball, fishing and jungle summer cake smashin' themes.

A baby whose birthday is close to the Fourth of July can work for a perfect All-American theme! This set design can be created for either gender and is actually one of my favorites!

Fourth of July holiday cake smashin' themes.



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