In-Home, Lifestyle Newborn Sessions | Five Factors to Consider (Plus a Free Newborn Tips Download!)

With unlimited options for newborn photography, Pinterest isn’t helping any hormonal, pregnant mom, make decisions easily!  There are many factors that go into planning the perfect newborn photo session, and sometimes the comfort of a client’s home, helps them to feel more relaxed days after the birth of a child. On the other hand, some new parents are ready to get out of the house for a little break!  Which is right for you?  Consider the following factors:


1. Natural Lighting

When choosing to have a newborn session in-home, remember that natural daylight is the biggest factor and will play a key role in how well lifestyle images are portrayed.  Do you have a lot of window light available?  Is there a certain time of the day where you have more light coming in? In the studio, light can be controlled at any time of the day, but since studio lights are too heavy to bring along, good daylight is strongly recommended for a lifestyle session!


2. The Look of Your Home

You see it every day, so try and take a look at your home, as if you were a stranger.  Do you have bright colors on the walls?  Neutral or light wall colors always photograph best.  Is there clutter? We certainly don’t want you to have to clean your house, as you’re probably sleep-deprived, but uncluttered backgrounds are a must for these images. (We’re happy to help when we get there, too!  We’ve been there too, so don’t stress!)


Your master bedroom can be a perfect place for comfortable newborn-family images. The cozy look of the space is simple to transform into a photo op!


Do you have any hard wood floors? This is especially nice for baby-only photos, or when shooting from above!


The nursery is another area in your home that you may want to consider. Many new parents have dedicated a lot of time in this space, coming up with a theme, colors, and overall decor.


3. This is Real-Life!

Do you have other children who will be photographed as well?  Do you like candid photos of them?!  This may be their most natural personality shining through, while in their own home! (And that is perfectly fine!)


Candid images are a must, especially with older siblings!


What about pets?  They are part of the memory, too, and much easier to photograph in their home!


Even if you aren’t planning for your pet to be in the photos, they may be anyway!  


4. Planning for Props?

While we love photo props, lugging a carload to your home can be overwhelming to a new parent, with everything else going on in the space!  Look through our galleries for prop ideas (buckets, baskets, wraps, bows, etc.) and let us know what you like.  We can bring some with us and create several looks with only a few props, to ensure variety.




5. Where Will Photos be Displayed?

Do you want these newborn photos hanging in the same room they were taken?  Don’t worry – there is no right or wrong answer to this question!  It’s a personal preference and if you’d rather keep the photo session confined to one area, that’s doable, as well!


To be honest, I love photos hanging in the background. As those moments were a memory, you’re creating new images to add!


What’s your opinion? Have you ever had a photo session in your home?  We would love to hear from you!

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